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The deceptively humble and ubiquitous egg presents a novel, versatile and elastic topic that invites a wide array of approaches: as subject, as metaphor, or as material. For Egg Stories, we propose a group exhibition including 12 artistically diverse, emerging and established artists, each of whom responds to themes such as origin, birth or re-birth, reproduction, the natural world, hope, and fragility using the egg as a vehicle of expression. Some of the artists look at the egg literally, appreciating its perfection, its role in evolution, its place on our tables, or its inherently humorous nature.  Considering the egg metaphorically, others take on current cultural or political issues, and consider how these themes have been expressed through history.  Eggs are universal and, therefore have strong associations and symbolisms that are easily communicated.  They are central to reproduction, evolution, and determination of who we are.  They embody feminine identity, and are at the center of the struggle for women’s rights and the very current issue of a woman’s autonomy over her own body. They are also a common source of food all over the world and embody the notion of ‘care’. Eggs protect and nurture what they hold, yet they are also fragile, and require careful treatment themselves.  They represent our lives, our homes, our society, our democracy and our planet and it is from this perspective that we offer our understanding of and question the stories that eggs tell.


"Egg Stories" is an exhibit featuring the artists Kathy Drago, Roslyn Dupre’, Silvina Hecker, Veronica Ibarguengoitia, Jeanne Jones, Pat McEnery, Nergis Mustafa, Ellen H Ray, William Reed, Marty Simpson, Lauren Sines, and Gretchen Sparks. 

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